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Duties, Authorisation and Responsibilities
• To protect the mental and physical health of students,
• To meet students' accomodation, nutrition, working and health needs; for this purpose, in accordance with budget statements, to open reading halls, student canteens and lounges, inpatient health centers,
• In accordance with budget statements, to open medico social centers for students to utilize during extracurricular and resting times
• To build meeting rooms, activity areas, movie theathers, sports centers, camping places and to provide students to utilize them conveniently,
• To provide services for students to develop their talents and personalities,
•To prepare tender files, conduct tenders,
•To check the tendered works and to make progress payments,
• To perform other duties assigned by Head of Department.


To supply services to students about healthcare and treatments, to meet their nutritional and such needs, to organize activities to meet their sports, cultural and social needs.

These duties are performed by the units indicated below:

Head of Department Job Description

Head of Department, is appointed by the Rector with the opinion of University Board. In the absence of the head of departmrnt, one of  vice heads deputies to the head of department.

Vice head of department may be appointed to assist with duties of head of department.

It is planned to provide services by two units under the department.

a) Head; is the director and representative of the department. Head has authorities of general management, supervision, division of labor, establishment of working order, training, and providing in-service training on all employees working in the department.
b) Head is an accrual officer in spending in the department.
c) Head prepares the annual  budget and work plan of the department and presents it to the board of the department.
d) Head proposes to the Rector through Secretariat General about choosing people to be appointed in the department and make their appointments in accordance with the relevant law and regulations.
e) Head  supports that the services of the department are announced properly to assure that all students use the facilities and services.


Health and Sports Services Branch Office Job Description


Cultural and Social Services Branch Office Job Description