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Our Services

Support Types for Disabled Students

1.     Accessibility on physical areas of campu

•          To support the accessibility to elevators, stairs, ramps and toilets in the buildings

•          To support the accessibility to dining halls

•          To collaborate with external units to ensure pavement and road accessibility in outside areas,

•          To support the accessibility to cultural and sports fields

2. Improving learning resources

•          To inform academic staff about disabled students

•          To supply reading resources for visually challenged students (audio reading room, audio material preparations)

•          Collaboration with Library and Documentation Department to support the accessibility to information resources in the library

3. Improve exam opportunities

•          To inform academic staff about disabled students

•          To provide additional time of disabled students during the exams 

•          To supply a separate exam room for disabled students, with the supervision of an academic personnnel who helps to reading or writing the during exams

•          Bilgisayar tabanlı sınavlar ile ilgili hazırlık, (ekran klavyesi) 

4. Improve transportation facilities

•          To contact municipality to arrange bus hours

•          To utilize from the vehicles of the rectorate

5. Psychological counseling and guidance

•          Psycho-social support services for disabled students

6. Promotion of the university 

•          To present the facilities before and during the registration to the university (Presentation of the Accessibility Award of the Campus)

7. Programs and projects to support disabled students 

•        To support events organized by disabled students union

•        To organize training programmes for all students to raise awareness about disabilities

•        To make disabled students to participate to the events of the unit

Support Procedure of the university for Disabled Students

•        Student's voluntary application

•        Time planning for student-specific interview

•        One-to-one interviews and keeping confidentiality

•        Recording the interview titles by date and result

•        Submitting information to the student for the solution or transferring information in the next meeting by making the necessary interviews